Hello, my name is Rachel Jordan Kenyon. I am a 17 year old photography student hoping to study Photojournalism/Photography at university. I have a strong passion for photography and believe that each image tells a story. It not only captures physical objects such as architecture and people but also other properties such as time, memories and moments. I also love travelling and in the near future I hope to travel as much as I can to photograph new interesting things, as I would love to be able to experience different cultures and scenery, all over the world. I think there is endless possibilities in the photography industry and I believe I can learn something new and interesting by studying at university. From higher education I believe I can benefit greatly and learn so much more.

I have also gained additional knowledge in technical areas with the camera such as shutter speed and aperture however I think there is so much more to learn. By using things such as the studio/ lighting and props at college has opened my eyes up to different types of photography such as fashion photography which I think would be interesting to learn more about. By undertaking group work within college, whilst working to a brief, has given me a variety of skills to be able to work with different types of people. However, working on my own individual work has given me confidence to explore my own ideas.

A lot of my images are of nature/ landscapes as I think that the environment and place where we live is important to consider. However, there are many different type of photography such as documentary, fashion, wildlife, sport, portraiture wedding/events and many more. I would love the opportunity to be able to experience being taught these types of photography. Because I believe that each image tells I story, I think it is important to see things from a different perspective than what people usually see when looking at an image, I think this is important to understand as it can help with exploring new interesting ideas. I think for an image to look good you must consider ‘what is worth showing’ and ‘how can I show it.’

Although it is in progress, this blog just provides a selection of images which I have taken myself. I hope you enjoy looking at my images just as much as I like taking them!


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